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Bio for David Baker FRSASA AiPP

David is an Adelaide-based photographer and artist who works with watercolours and acrylics. His practice is unusual in that he mixes paint on the canvas - manipulating mediums in unique ways to create artwork that tells a story.

In David’s photography, he notices relationships between edges and lines then the panels of shade and colour with shadows, highlights and reflections providing an illusion of the third dimension. He adds interest by incorporating a disturbance or disruption in the design. Sometimes he digitally creates another compositional dimension by amplifying colours and a new story emerges. By narrow depth of field and cropping he gives us a sample of the composition and we are left to provide the context.

Now the work -

Nature - gentle, soft, vulnerable, hard, brittle, tough.

The Jew. “Grounded”. Serious. Looking down. Bolted to the earth. Focused on the mantra with the Tzitzit [tsiˈtsit] or Tallit a knotted vest. “Look at it and recall all the commandments of the Lord and observe them, so that you do not follow your heart and eyes in your lustful urge.” (Numbers 15:38-39) Oblivious to all around him pointing Heavenward.

“Rendezvous” on / near THAT bridge, late at night – partly sinister, partly tryst.

Now some statements about people, place and connection. An abstract – “Mingle” just to keep you thinking. Scott creating magic from clay and “Joe”, creating dinner and wedding suits - sitting in a back street in Adelaide (his occasional office).

Moving right to nature – “Reef” showing what we’ll be missing (enjoy it while you can), “Familia” (light and glass in Barcelona) and “Desert Storm”.

The next group are related by being retrospective and where they are found – the aftermath of a tomato fight in Spain, “Suspended” sunlight and “Fragments” - tree leaf litter in snow (in Sweden).

Right again to beach time fun/sun, “T5”, an abstract teaser leading to  “Blending of Cultures”.

“Up and Down” – a double spiral stair and “Romance” and “Reflections” - A commentary on what we see in every day life, one the streets, in the office, at lunch.

In “Migration” we see silent escape from tyranny, “Inside Out” suggesting we’ve got it wrong and “Sinister” controlled from the shadows. Serious works contemplating human emotions and desperation.

Two contemplative works in “Luninartum” and Tri “Lumens” –They are candles showing fundamental shape and primary colours - light a candle for someone.

Finally there is party time, energy, music but not deep-and-meaningful, more symphonic. Spider's lace and Joe again.

I hope you enjoy the art and ask me about the stories.

David Baker FRSASA AiPP

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