David Baker FRSASAis an Adelaide-based artist who works predominantly with paint and photography. His practice is experimental and highly innovative; manipulating both mediums in unique ways to create artwork that will engage an emotional response in the viewer. David’s painting and photography both have an essence of capturing something that can be shared:

“Using light and close framing, I like to expose the essence and energy of the subject– urban chaos, purposeful city; carefree beach; lazy sight-seers; mystical nature, furious water, delicate, fragile nature and leaving something intriguing to be worked out by the viewer.”

David uses a variety of materials to create his artworks, everything from house-paint rollers and brushes, to bricking and tiling trowels. He is influenced by a strong urban and industrial aesthetic and creates his work while listening to music, adapting the colour and shape on the canvas to the sound. In his dynamic and experimental practice he reveals a tension between the representation of organic and non-living forms.

“For me, the work must have energy and contradiction – there is the norm, the average, the setting and there is a schism, a thrust, a danger, a radical which gives life and energy to the painting. I paint inanimate objects like rocks and machines as if they were living, had skin and connect with people.”

For David the process of painting can be confronting and he tries to extend this experience to the viewer through his artwork; allowing them to experience emotions in the work and engage with the energy of it. He believes the act of viewing his art should be an exchange between artwork and viewer that ultimately completes the piece.