David Baker - artist and photographer

Welcome to my art Projects. Here you will find my original watercolour and acrylic paintings since October 2012 and hundreds of photographs, some recognisable and others, artistic.

My Art

I’m a visual artist and photographer in Adelaide, South Australia. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media and techniques to get the feeling I want to express in my art.

I like the words of Monet where he says that "a landscape (or indeed anything ed.) does not exist in its own right, since its appearance changes at every moment; but the surrounding atmosphere brings it to life - the light and the air which vary continually. For me, it is the ambiance which gives subjects their life and value.It's the same as words carrying different meanings depending on the body language.

My favorite artists are Picasso (because he matured from behaving like a child to painting like one) and Andy Warhol (because he made the ordinary, extraordinary).

I have a conversation with my paintings and photographs as I work - developing shape, structure, layers, colour, light and texture. The final outcome is a collaboration of tension, movement, energy and passion.

I like disruption - real and mystical - alchemy. Rhythmic and chaos in the urban - the rhythm is green light traffic, the pause of red light and then someone crosses the road between the cars - the disruption. The carefree and dangerous beach and shallows. "On a mission" and "lazy" sight-seers. Angry and delicate nature.

To view art is to taste it. Move around, talk to it, feel it, taste it, smell it, smile and enjoy the experience.

Tell stories and Have fun

David Baker FRSASA AiPP

Facebook.com/JustArtingAround was my diary. It would be nice to have social media that was responsible and posted to all friends.

“Arting” is conducting an orchestra, choreographing a dance, designing a set, the outline of a play, scripting.

Photography techniques

Context then heavy crop. Burst shots hand held, rarely have time for a tripod. I seek shapes within shapes and reflections to build the story.

I love texture and macro photography, it creates a new world, has new dimensions - both micro and astronomical.

I use Sony full-frame DSLRs.

Painting Techniques

I "draw" the image and artifacts with Gesso (acrylic) or light watercolour. If the shapes don't finally match - then there are echos / reinforcement / empathy or shadows.

I usually mix colours on the canvas / paper and sometimes create extravagant "drop-sheet" backdrops.

With everything still wet,I paint the main shapes and build up the line, form, shade and colour designs.

The tools are everything between large paint brushes and brooms to paint scrapers. And a lot of finger work.

For me all canvas and paper (like marble) has a life within. It is my privilege, ambition to give form, personality and soul to that inner life.