Adrenaline Collection

The Adrenaline Collection shows energy, tension, competition, grungy, steel, buffeting, bitumen, rubber, oil. The machines have an organic quality hinting a human/machine oneness. I make art to music - Deep Purple, ACDC, Steve Cropper, Stevie Ray Vaughn to mention a few. Often the feelings on the canvas take on the those in the (loud) music.  (Usually I'm the only one in the studio.)

Calm collection

Art is when we observe something which was created by someone and it evokes a response to the artists expression of their inner self at that time. Often our response to art is to explain it and we should just ask how it makes us feel.

I hope the Calm Collection draws on times when you have been calm and content. The works includes acrylic, watercolour, ink and mixed media. I make art to music - Bliss, Kaya Project, Desert Dwellers, Al Gromer Khan, T. J. Rehmi and others. Often the shapes on the canvas take on the shapes in the music.